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smart servicing
452 roadster servicing
452 roadster

452 smart roadster

Servicing details and prices for 452 smart roadster and 452 smart roadster coupe.


452 smart roadster & roadster coupe models Brabus/Bluewave models
A - Service: £131.21 £131.21
B - Service: £265.52 £295.52
Additional services: All Models
Replace Pollen (Cabin) Filter £21.95
Brake Bleed £59.05
Replace fuel filter £39.45
MOT £54.85
Transmission Oil Change £74.96
* Engine Oil & Filter Change £65.71

The small print!

A courtesy smart car can be provided (on request) free of charge; you only pay for the fuel!

All service prices are inclusive of parts, labour and VAT where applicable.

* Oil Change (Oil & Oil Filter Only): This facility is provided for owners of smart's who wish to change their oil & oil filter in between their normal service schedules; it will exclude all other checks associated with an A - Service and is expected to take no longer than half an hour.

** The name "C - Service" is what smart now refer to as a B - service plus fuel-filter, hence we now quote the fuel filter as a separate additional service.

Your Roadster/Roadster Coupe should be serviced every 7,000miles OR 12 months, whichever is sooner, following the cycle "A B A C".

All vehicles receive a full diagnostic check as part of our service costs. We also perform a clutch re-teach to ensure your gear change operates in its best condition possible. Clutch re-teach is performed on ALL A & B services.

For full peace-of-mind our servicing is recognised in terms of any warranty queries.

NB: Our policy is to NOT wash or valet your vehicle as part of our usual service costs. The hand car wash across the road do an extremely professional job (much better than we could manage) for just £12 (inside and out). We also happen to know (from the Autosmart sales rep who supplies them) that they use the better quality car wash products.

Our labour rate for any additional work is calculated at £65 per hour (inc vat).

E&OE - Prices are correct at the time of writing but are subject to change without notice. Whilst we strive to quote accurate prices, fluctuations with Mercedes Benz smart parts and suchlike may result in small changes to our prices that are not reflected on our website at the time.  


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