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Steering Wheel Problems

NB: Have you been advised that you need a new steering wheel because of a clock spring failure? Read-on before taking the plunge and potentially save yourself some money...   


Steering wheel angle sensors and/or the clock spring (the black cassette unit attached behind the wheel) can develop permanent faults that usually can only be rectified by replacing the entire wheel, but we know different...

Warning lights on the dash are usually the amber ABS and Traction Control lights being permanently on although if the ribbon cable inside is damaged it can also show up like an airbag or horn fault. Unfortunately on pre-2007 smarts and roadsters, the clock spring cannot be purchased separately hence the need to change the whole wheel. This can cost up to £1,100 depending on the type of wheel including fitting and re-programming (where necessary).

We offer a unique service for these pre-2007 698cc smarts which actually repairs your existing wheel with a brand new clock spring from just £430 (depending on the wheel).

For owners of the newer 451 model smart onwards you will be glad to know that they now offer a replacement unit at around £195 plus fitting and programming so costs will be substantially reduced for these models.

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