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smart repairs
smart repairs
Cabrio Roof Repairs

We are the leading experts in smart cabrio roof repairs. If you have a problem WE CAN fix it!

OUR PRICE FROM: £195.00  (excluding parts)

NB: The final cost will be determined by the number of parts required to bring the roof back to an acceptable standard.  


Our smart cabrio roof repair service covers the majority of roof faults that occur either naturally or through an all too common poorly attempted repair by a franchise dealership.  The starting cost is based on a 450 fortwo cabrio or 452 roadster and includes the associated labour to strip, clean and rebuild the roof. 

The most common conditions reported (although not limited to) are as follows:

In ALL of the above cases, we can fix your roof; to what standard is largely determined by your budget but the majority can be fixed within the labour cost shown above *. 

Possible additional costs depend on what abuse the roof has been subjected to since it has gone wrong or during its failure! Each side of the 450 roof has a forward, centre and rear slide hoop. These slides have quite delicate plastic loops on top of each one to keep them from bouncing and jumping out of the runners which, if twisted, will snap off on one end quite easily! 

* As long as no-one else has attempted and failed at a repair beforehand, thus rendering further investigation of their errors as well as our standard repair then, as with the majority of roof-repairs, this fixed-price fee can be achieved in almost all cases. 


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