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smart repairs

Our Key Fob Re-Coding service is available for up to 3 keys at any one time.

OUR PRICE: £65.00     

NB: It's more convenient than waiting for the AA/RAC. Call-in to have your spare key re-coded whilst you can still drive to us without the aid of a recovery truck!   


Our Key Fob Re-Coding service is available for up to 3 keys at any one time. 

Simply give us a call to book your Smart into our workshop on 01749 347777. 

We are open Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm and can usually cater for this service at short notice. 

Please note: Your vehicle and all your keys are required to be present in order to carry out this work; if new key fobs are required to replace any lost/damaged ones these are available to purchase separately.

It is NOT possible to code your keys without your car present, therefore, you will have to recover your car to us if both your keys lose coding.

If you have a 451 fortwo or a 454 forfour you will also have to have one working key in order to code another.

Should you lose coding on both keys for either of these two models then we will have to follow a special procedure in order to program & code them back to the car which includes you providing evidence of ownership and identity before we can proceed.

For these reasons on any of the models we recommend, that should you ever have only one working key that you have a second key coded at the earliest opportunity.

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