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smart repairs

Often called the "three lines of doom", these usually indicate a gearbox related fault.

OUR PRICE FROM: £65.00     

NB: If your vehicle is disabled with these 3-lines flashing in the gear display, DO NOT TOW your vehicle! In this instance, you must ensure that at least the rear wheels are lifted off the ground during transportation to your garage.    


 Often called the "three lines of doom", these usually indicate a gearbox related fault although you must never forget the possibilities of the most simple of errors such as an incorrectly fitted, wrong type or blown brake light bulb or a faulty brake light switch. The labour cost is these instances can be as little as £32.50.

The slightly more serious errors and most common are:

And the most infrequent (although not impossible) error relates to the gearbox itself! Damaged gearboxes are generally caused by misuse/abuse rather than wear; being towed in-gear and suchlike!

To avoid further damage we recommend that for any smart suffering from electrical or gearbox related faults that you do not tow it with the rear wheels on the ground for fear that it might not be in neutral correctly; a smart can appear and feel like it is in neutral even when it is not!

A recent gearbox failure involved a smart that could be pushed quite freely (giving the sensation of it being in neutral) but that turned out to be jammed in 4th gear! Please heed the warning, if you have 3-lines on the display DO NOT tow the car with the rear wheels on the ground.


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