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smart repairs
Engine Reconditioning

We offer a high standard of engine reconditioning services for your existing 599cc or 698cc engine.

REALISTIC PRICE: £1,650.00     

NB: The price shown is for a major engine rebuild and includes parts, labour and vat. Do not be fooled by cheaper offers... our parts bill in our rebuilds alone is close to £1,000.   



Our engine reconditioning services are for your existing smart car engine*.

Based on a 599cc or a 698cc fortwo engine, our prices start at around £1,650* which includes all parts & labour and a 12mth or 12,000mile warranty against sudden failure of all replaced mechanical parts.  

We offer a comprehensive hobble-in, drive-home service which includes a full B-Service on the vehicle and the removal and refitting of the engine from the car. It includes the replacement/top-up of all fluids as appropriate. 

Our parts list for items replaced/reconditioned includes (although are not limited to):

  • Piston rings

  • Bores re-honed

  • big-end bearings  (conrod/shell)

  • exhaust valves

  • Crankshaft polish/re-grind as appropriate

  • main bearings

  • thrust bearings

  • rotary shaft crank seals

  • cylinder head gasket

  • cylinder head bolts

  • smart oil/air filter

  • smart spark plugs

  • valve stem seals

  • oil pump

  • oil pump chain drive kit

  • timing chain drive kit

  • hydraulic tappets

  • plug lead set

Because this price already includes the labour element for the removal and refit of your engine then any other ancillary parts that require renewal can be done at just the additional cost of the associated part, so for example, you may need to replace or even choose to upgrade your turbo or you may need a new clutch assembly.  This is also a good time to consider those other tempting upgrades such as the Brabus roadster clutch or a set of silicone air intake and intercooler hoses.

Any price is provided as a guideline only and no guarantee can be given that your final cost will match the above. Much will depend on how good or bad your engine has suffered before its final breakdown. For example, those who are prudent enough to ensure their engine has never run dry of oil and bring it in for repair before it has gone "pop" are much more likely to see a cheaper repair bill

Those who develop a cavalier attitude to their engine's welfare, use the light on the dash as an oil-level light (which it is not!) or worse still run it dry of oil and wait for it to start running on two cylinders will undoubtedly see a cost in excess of £1,650.

*all costs and services assume that your existing engine is serviceable which in the vast majority of situations is the case but cannot be guaranteed.

All prices are inclusive of parts, labour & vat where applicable.


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